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lF YOU STRUGGLE to write for anything, WORDSwork/ARTworks (W/A) can help. If you need a writer, editor or fact-checker, please get in touch. If it's time you had a website to promote your business, W/A creates content, sources images and builds simple but appealing sites. If you'd like to boost your business profile on social media but don't have time, contact us.

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FOR A SELECTION of unique artworks, please "stroll" through our online gallery. While our collection of paintings may be small, we like to think it is hugely mesmerising, thought-provoking and evocative. You be the judge, but (naturally) we hope you agree... 

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A LONG-TIME MAGAZINE journalist - working for many years each at Bauer Media Australia, Reed Business Information and News Corp Australia - Sydneysider Diana Prichard combines her passion for writing, editing and website creation with her love for art in WORDSwork/ARTworks. Diana is also an exhibiting artist.

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